Forbidden Forms

Early Female Figures

After 10 years of sculpting animals, Lewis’s focus shifted to the human form, reflecting his increasing interest in the wilderness within the human psyche. The dissolution of his conservative religious belief system allowed an exploration of the naked human form, hitherto taboo. It is almost impossible to link these smooth, gentle, virginal images to Lewis’s animals unless you look closer, to the subtly chiselled backgrounds from which these early figures emerge, representing the emerging wild landscapes of his psyche.
Trans-Figure IV Maquette (S249)
Trans-Figure IX (S252)
Trans-Figure I Maquette (S245)
Trans-Figure XV Maquette (S262)
Trans-Figure I Maquette (S245)

Dylan has grouped the sculptures within the garden not as a response to a conscious plan but rather, as he describes it, through a process that unfolded intuitively over many years, in which certain sculptures seemed to ‘gather’ into distinct areas.

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