Primal Wilderness

African Animals

Soon after starting his career as an artist, Lewis left Cape Town to live and work in Southern African game reserves. Immersed in the wilderness areas he loved, he painted and sculpted the wild animals around him, including, buffalo and rhino.
To him, these mighty beasts represented the power of an untamed wilderness. Lewis was searching for a personal animal symbol separate from his father’s, and Africa’s big cats eventually took this role.
Buffalo Bull Pair (S062)
Buffalo Bull Pair (S062)
Samango Monkey (S019)
Samango Monkey Mother And Infant Pair (S089)
Standing Suricate Pair (S076)
White Rhinoceros (S145)

Dylan has grouped the sculptures within the garden not as a response to a conscious plan but rather, as he describes it, through a process that unfolded intuitively over many years, in which certain sculptures seemed to ‘gather’ into distinct areas.

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