Invisible Embrace
Chris van Niekerk

Past: November 2017

The flowers displayed in this collection of works exhibit their magnificent power by bringing the healing nature of flower essences to our attention. These flowers and plants have their powerful physical effects explained by an amazing range of biochemical constituents. The artist explores how the more subtle attributes of especially flowers, as they live within their own physical forms, become reflections of how the human soul expresses itself in human bodies.

With this collection of works, artist Chris van Niekerk explores the vibrational energy of flower essences and its resonance with the human energy field. Flower essences are vibrational medicines and assist in the process of transformation of human consciousness and intrapersonal growth.

Chris van Niekerk succeeds in translating the ineffable nature of beauty, healing and transformation into a magnificent display of exceptional excellence. With this exhibition, he enables the transpersonal dimension of human experience to point towards an invitation to embrace the invisible, and as such to evolve beyond the mundane, touching on the magical. A bridge between Art and Transpersonal Psychology is being formed.

Marleen de Villiers, Ph.D. 


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