Sculpting the Figure With Brian Booth Craig

Past: Summer 2018

Untitled is very excited to present a workshop, Sculpting the Figure, by eminent American sculptor Brian Booth Craig.

The course is an introduction to the basic techniques and traditions of figure sculpture through instruction in figure modelling. Emphasis will be placed upon the systematic study of proportions, basic anatomy, composition and gesture. This six-day course is also designed to give students a greater understanding of and appreciation for the variety of artistic sculptural practices that employ the human form. In addition to modelling the figure from life, the course will include lectures, presentations, discussions and demonstrations. Students will work directly from a model to create a 60 cm figure in plastiline over an aluminium wire armature, or a 75 cm figure in water-based clay on an aluminium wire armature. The proper use of modelling tools will be covered. The workshop will include two evening lectures about the artist’s work and sculptural process within the contemporary context.

The course is presented in association with the Dylan Lewis Sculpture Garden, and will take place in the pavilion.

About Brian Booth Craig

Brian Booth Craig, born in 1968 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a contemporary sculptor who specialises in bronze. Sculpting from life, his work translates classically derived figures into contemporary icons. His females nudes are imbued with a sense of agency. Mixing 21st-century gestures with surprising talismans, his statues are very much of our time, despite the medium’s classical origins. Verist in nature, Craig’s figures capture moments of individual self-assertion. Brian holds a B.A. from Pennsylvania State University (1993) as well as an M.F.A. from the New York Academy of Art (2013), and he is an Honorary Member of the International Sculpture Center (2013). A former apprentice and assistant of the painter and sculptor Audrey Flack, Brian also has extensive teaching experience, first as a professor of sculpture at the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts (2004–2015) and at art workshops in the US and Italy. His work has been exhibited extensively in the United States and internationally. Brian is represented by Louis K. Meisel Gallery in New York City.


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