Dylan Lewis: An Untamed Force

The towering sculptures of Dylan Lewis are becoming well-known landmarks in South Africa, where they grace botanical gardens, golf courses, the foyers of sophisticated buildings and the halls of discerning collectors. Increasingly, they are being snapped up by galleries and institutions abroad.

This volume builds on an earlier publication, bringing the photographic record of Dylan Lewis’s work up to date. The brief text reveals how the sculptor’s boyhood in a happily bohemian, nature-loving family inspired him, and traces his artistic development, from what have come to be known as ‘the cat years’ to his current, more esoteric and mythical approach.

Co-developed with poet and kindred spirit Ian McCallum, who helps explain some of the formative influences at play, this beautifully presented book showcases some of Lewis’s most ambitious and successful works in a series of dramatic photographs, and includes images of preliminary sketches and working methods.

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